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Umm, new podcast postponed a week!

September 4, 2009

Yeah, like… we didn’t actually DO the podcast on Wednesday, so there ain’t one to publish.

See, there’s a funny story here. WE were all online to do the podcast, and we’re chatting on Skype and everything… but Jess had just bought a new graphics card minutes before and wanted to install it (and was nervous about cracking the case), and Ratters had a phone interview scheduled for as soon as we finished the podcast, and I had gone right to the wire installing a new router, and was still repairing issues with the print server when we began.

Bre, of course, was flawless.

Anyway, we all did start talking, and were going for a few minutes, and then Cassie had to call me to fix a DVD player issue for Alex, and next thing you know, it just made more sense to stop the chaos. So we’ll do one next week instead. And maybe… MAYBE next time I’ll remember that these things work better when all the stars align and we’re all excited and pumped to chat, and not distracted by thinking about what we should be doing instead, lol.


A work in progress!

July 19, 2009

If you’ve found this site, then you’ve found the top secret podcast project a few of us are working on.

There will be more as soon as we get our first podcast up and at em!