Just a heads up


We ain’t dead, it’s just that we have had some crazy times having the stars align for a new show.

We’re shooting for getting together tonight, and I hope it’ll be as fun as always!

Sorry for the enduring silence outta here, folks.


One Response to “Just a heads up”

  1. Morphster of Aggramar Says:

    I know it’s a busy time with the Raid for the Cure going on and all, but I’m having serious withdrawls. Just sayin.

    I also have a question about Army of the Dead that perhaps one of you can address given your paladin and/or dk backgrounds.

    My DK has been 80 for 3 days now and I’m running an unholy dps build as I gather my tank set. I formed a pug for h vh last night with a tankadin and a holy priest and things were going fine. I’ve learned from reading dk blogs and from a little common sense not to use AotD on bosses that
    spew stuff and in h vh that’s nearly every boss, so I chose to pop
    AotD on the split group.

    As soon as the mobs were dead the tank got all pissy and among other things asked me if I knew why most people don’t like dk’s. My response was something like, “lol, because I’m outdps-ing this group and can do 1800dps two days after hitting 80?” That pissed him off even more but it was worth it. I agreed not to use AotD for the rest of the instance and we finished without further issue. So long story short I wanted to know what was so horrible about my using AotD on the split group, if anything? Thanks and love the show!

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