Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 4: Way off the rails


This one is pretty rough, folks. Jess, Bre and Bear chat and discuss questions while three personning Drak Keep and Gundrak.

Listen to the new one here! SDGW Podcast #4: Way off the rails.

As an fyi, for those folks that listen to this and are amazed at our utter lack of professionalism in doing a podcast, or being clear and concise on the air, or of sticking to a topic… please keep in mind, we’re three (sometimes four) goofballs united by a common love for having fun, chatting about anything and everything, and who thought it would amuse us to record our idiocy live. We are recording our idiocy live. This is it. That’s all there is.

It isn’t going to get any better than this, folks.


10 Responses to “Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 4: Way off the rails”

  1. James Says:

    I hope it doesn’t change – i love the chaos, I need a break from the more polished podcasts sometimes – you guys are great 🙂 keep up Idiocy

  2. Skrett Says:

    Any chance of getting the sound levels for the 3 of y’all in the same neighborhood? I enjoy listening to the podcast, but it is becoming harder to do so simply because Bear’s sound level is so low and in order to better hear him I have to turn the volume up and that works great until Bre or Jess speak and then my eardrums are bleeding because their volume is cranked WAY up.

    I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies of recording a podcast, but if it is possible to address this issue, I beg of you to please do so.

    Otherwise, it is a lot of fun listening to y’all play and talk. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’!

  3. Morphy of Zuljin Says:

    Ditto what Skrett said. I also thought this link might provide a fun discussion in the next podcast.

    • Skrett Says:

      OMG. I haven’t even finished reading through that link and I’ve already had 3 co-workers peek in my cube to ask if everything is OK. Can’t. Stop. Laughing…except when I realize how many these I might actually be.

  4. Lytstep Says:

    Thank you for commenting on my question. Yes BBB I do see nothing wrong with what is happening in the BGs. I totally enjoy your off the cuff program and hope to hear more from you all. Let me toss in my vote of confidence along with the other two listeners.


  5. Big Bear Butt Blogger » Awww, he’s so cute! Says:

    […] you’re interested in our WoW podcast and haven’t heard it before, you can find it at Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, and it’s also available (I still get a laugh out of saying it) for download at […]

  6. Ale Says:

    On the subject of the wolf models, I agree that most of them are horrible. I do not like skinny/scrawny look of them. However, I do use a wolf but it is the bulkier model from the Alterac Valley BG. It is almost as large as my sammich needing Belf.

  7. Ale Says:

    Oh, and me yelling has been actors names, such as Peter Weller, at the computer as I listen to the pod cast days after you record it is just so sad.

  8. Kayeri Says:

    Finally got some time to listen and enjoyed every minute of it… you guys worry about being spontaneous and off the cuff, but honestly, listening to the lot of you just talk about stuff when you are so clearly enjoying yourselves…. well, that’s what makes the whole thing FUN! Keep it up! My only problem is occasionally I hear something I’d love to chime in on…

  9. Atriusun Says:

    Still listening to this ep, and I just got to the point where you’re talking about the whelpling dragon pets;

    I’ve ground at least 15 various colour whelpling pets; 1 Crimson for my friend for her birthday, then one for my then-main, then another one for each of the two new ‘mains’ after that, and 2 Emeralds and a Black one, for the same two characters.

    Then, with the announcement of Cataclysm; I decided to get one of each for my current main and my girlfriend. So that’s 15, and that’s just the ones I remember 😛

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