Ask your questions for Episode 4!


Well, the question post worked very well for Episode 3, so let’s keep that trend alive!

Also, if you feel your question didn’t get answered the last time, don’t hesitate to ask it again… all I’m doing is calling up this page of comments when it’s podcast time. Very high tech, I know.

And the other podcasters can’t bitch about it, they have the ability to read these in advance and be prepared same as I do. 🙂


5 Responses to “Ask your questions for Episode 4!”

  1. Lytstep Says:

    Hello All.
    I have recently started leveling a horde character to find answer a couple of questions with my own research. First in the battlegrounds are the Horde as disorganized and more interested in getting honor than winning the games and getting the battleground marks like the Alliance seem to be. I also wanted to experience the Horde quests and see the Main cities to see if, as I had heard that the Horde cities were harder to move around in, for example easier to get lose or die from falls.
    I found out that in the Battlegrounds, at least Windsong Gulch and Arathi Basin it is true that the Horde seem to be a little more organized and focused on winning the battles. At least it seems the Horde are winning more than loosing. As how the cities being more difficult to move around in and get where you have to be I would say that they are much more difficult. All three Alliance cities are pretty much on one level, and spread out more and there are virtually no places you can fall to your death. The Horde cities are multi levels and I found very confusing. Now I have more understanding of the game and how to find things in the cities but if I had just started the game as Horde I may have just said “Screw this” and go Alliance. Maybe many younger or less patient players have done the same thing leaving Alliance with a plethora of younger, more impatient players who might not be the best PvP players in the game.
    What are your opinions on the Horde cities compared to the Alliance are the Horde cities harder?
    If you consider them harder would that contribute a little to the Horde having better success in the Battlegrounds since there would be more accomplished players in the Horde.
    I also found out that all Horde think the Alliance are bad players, cheat, and are cowards, just as the Alliance think that the Horde are bad players, cheat and are cowards.
    I know this is going long but just one story I would like to relate to you concerning Wow. One time I was in a pay for play where you can play different online games or have a LAN party with a group. As I was logging in and was at my character screen I hear a little voice behind me saying “You play Wow?” I look around do see a young lad maybe 9 or 10 years old. “Why yes I do. Do you play” He looked me straight in the eye and said “Get a life” Turned and walked away. Not being quick witted as all of you are I could say nothing, although after some though, “Well I’m 55 and working on my second” came to mind but it was too late.
    I enjoy you program immensely especially the last 5 minutes of the most recent one it was the best part. Keep up the great work.


    (PS moved by BBB from other post to the question post 8/21)

  2. Question Everything Admit Nothing! : A Jess of All Trades Says:

    […] maybe a little too much fun even, the floor is open for questions again. Go to the most recent SD Gone Wild post and submit […]

  3. Dechion Says:

    What do you guys think of the new class race combo’s? Anyone planning on rolling something just because you never could before?

    How about the Worgen and Goblin? Thinking of leveling one of those as well?

  4. james Says:

    why is it spelt sidhe?

  5. Lytstep Says:

    Have any of you experienced the new experience gains in Battlegrounds. I have been playing a little and find fewer twinks playing and more fun really. Just for fun I locked one of my 29 toons although he wasnt really uber geared I just wanted to see how it was. After waiting almost 8 hours combined (couple hours here couple hours there) I decided to check out some Twing sites and forums. Seems that there arent that many Twinks out there, at least not enough get a battleground started. They are all QQ about how hard it is to get a battleground started and talking about all the twings going to a single realm/battlegroup. A few even admitted the only reason they played as twinks was to beat up less geared players. Duh.
    Any comments.

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