Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 3 repost


We answer listener questions, wander aimlessly, and gab about Cataclysm!

I apologise for the repost, I’m attempting to troubleshoot why this didn’t go out to iTunes. Please excuse my complete ignorance.

Listen to the new one here again! SDGW Podcast #3: Questions Arise!


3 Responses to “Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 3 repost”

  1. Euripides Says:

    You need to ping the address iTunes sent you in the email they sent when they accepted your podcast. Works for me, at any rate.

    Also, if you don’t already, try using a feedburner feed instead of RSS generated some other way.

  2. twww Says:

    Whatever you did, it worked so well that the podcast is on iTunes twice now! (dated 8/18 & 8/20)
    Thanks Bear! /hug 🙂

  3. BigBearButt Says:

    Euripedes, thanks for the suggestions, I know we all appreciate the help!

    We are burning this feed to iTunes as a podcast feed through FeedBurner, so we’ve got taht part going from the start. As you could imagine, havine Bre guide the start (and asking Fimlys the podcast master for suggestions) has helped immeasurably.

    In this case, the core issue was that when an audio file is uploaded to the Media Library, WordPress is saving it with a filled in Title field by default, but NOT a subject field… and the Feedburner podcast enclosure recognition system seems to NOT recognise our mp3 files unless the file has both Title AND Subject filled in.

    The doulbe post came because I first edited the file to add a subject… and then pinged Feedburner to try and see it (and resynced feed, etc) for a half hour, then finally gave up that post for lost and reposted to see if the new one would be recognised.

    As you can plainly see…. it waited a bit, and then saw both. Damnit.

    Ah well…. at least we deliver the quality you’ve been trained to expect!

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