Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 2: Patch 3.2 First Night Impressions


Patch 3.2 goes live impressions, and other assorted craziness. Plus, Jessrage!

Listen to the new one here! SDGW Podcast #2: Patch 3.2 Impressions

8 Responses to “Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 2: Patch 3.2 First Night Impressions”

  1. Big Bear Butt Blogger ยป Another podcast… where will it end? Says:

    […] Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep 2 is now available, striking while the whole Patch 3.2 thing is hot. […]

  2. PNUT M&M Says:

    Love the podcast!

    Thought this might be some helpful info for you BBB.

    Regarding the GuildFu and FriendsFu, there is a quick simple fix in the LUA files for each addon as posted on Curse by another person.

    “3.2 changed GetDifficultyColor() to GetQuestDifficultyColor()

    Same functionality, different name. This bug applies to both FriendsFu and GuildFu.” ~ Nuckin08

    It appears as though the author of the two addons will be making the fix as part of an update later on.

  3. Leafy Says:


    That was…



    Actually, it was almost completely pointless. But I did enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Geline Says:

    At least one of your audience was nodding in agreement through most of the podcast: I checked my own post-patch to-do list, just to compare notes. Noncombat pets top priority: oh, yeah! Mount speed buff (especially for the alts languishing in Outland): roger that!

    ’tis a pity Ratters was absent. I’m sure he’d have mentioned that Mor’vek has returned to Un’goro. At last we Horde can quest for our long-awaited Ravasaur mounts!

    Apart from that, my first task (easy visit to the bank) was “start/try out shlepping Chef’s Hat”, and right in the middle are a bunch of engineering errands, including “Jeeves! jeevesjeevesjeevesjeeves” which I think tends to indicate what was most important to me.

    Side note to BBB: if you didn’t already know, you have a spare cat stored in your keyboard (some assembly required).

  5. Ruune Says:

    Okay, you lost me when you said that you really needed an orc warrior/conflicted DK/oversexed durid/naive paladin to bring some reasonableness to the conversation.

    Great work as always.

  6. Bill Rapoza Says:

    Great show. I’ve missed you guys.
    But you really have to balance the audio! I either couldn’t hear BBB or Lady Jess was blowing out my ears. I’m subscribed via itunes, so I’ll be hearing you next time.

  7. Suxxy Says:

    Yup, worth every cent ๐Ÿ™‚

    hit 290 fishing skill & popped the 1000 fish achievement, thx for the distraction, keep up the good work, I want to get to 450

    (and then start on my Alliance toon’s fishing)

  8. Rusty Haskell Says:

    I’m enjoying the podcast a great deal thus far. The unscripted nature is actually quite nice for me because it’s just like being in my guildchat during primetime.

    My main (Besom on Garona) is a resto druid, and I have to chime in a bit on the Lifebloom nerf (part deux). I was really dreading this nerf coming into 3.2, but after healing a few heroics, it doesn’t seem to be hitting me that much. If anything, it just seems to be bringing my overhealing down a notch when I let it bloom on the third stack.

    This might have something to do with my healing style. It usually looks something like this:

    Tank = Rejuv, Wild Growth, slow-rolling 3 stack of Lifebloom, Nourish for spike damage

    Melee DPS and Pets = Wild Growth, Rejuv if taking more damage than WG can handle.

    Range DPS = Rejuv. Nourish if some big environment AOE hits them.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

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