Send in questions for podcast Episode 2 here~


Just post your questions in the comments below, and make sure you include your callout/hollaback name.

You can also vote for who you want to be the master of ceremonies of our next show, and I’ll try and bully them into doing it… and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just try and ask them questions constantly to draw them out of their shell. *cough* Ratters *cough* *cough*


9 Responses to “Send in questions for podcast Episode 2 here~”

  1. Kayeri Says:

    Hee, to get Ratters more involved, what about some character-oriented questions?? 🙂 1)Did Ratters ever get a round two with Jaina? 2) Why does Kinna have it SO bad for DKs? they did, after all, throw off the Lich King’s control and are helping against him. 3) Just how many people has Elspeth promised to ‘drain their soul last’? 4)How is Vyp’s bunny doing?? When Noblegarden came around, I kind of wondered if it met a nice spring bunny and proceed to pop babies… 5) How bad was Pali’s hangover after that stranglethorn brew and why does she live in such terror of her mother? 🙂 and so on… ::giggle::

    More generally, does anything in particular inspire the character creation process for you? For me, its often some idea or notion, and then something will start to grow from that… but they don’t always develop into full-blown characters.

    Do the rest of you have any Ratters-like RP notions with any or your characters and does it affect your in-game play at all?

  2. Jardal Says:

    What is the average speed of the unladen gryphon?

  3. hydra Says:

    If a new MMO player came to the game what class would you suggest them to start? How did you pick your first characters? What factors do you consider when picking a new class?

  4. Experience Says:

    Do you enjoy Raid Leading? or Helping Raid Lead. Also what is your views on raid leading and how it should or shouldn’t be ran?

    Hollerback name is Experience of Malygos

  5. Greenborne Says:

    If there was one thing you could change about WoW, what would it be?

  6. Bellwether Says:

    How much fun are you having? ;P

  7. Kaelynn Says:

    Since the next Podcast will occur after the release of 3.2, I’d like to hear from each of you – what was the FIRST thing you did upon logging in after the patch went live?

    I’m also interested in hearing about the things you really love – favorite addons, favorite zones, favorite questlines, etc.

  8. Dechion Says:

    How do you folks go about keeping it fresh? How about avoiding the “wow is my second job” that a lot of people seem to fall into?

  9. imbloodlustn Says:

    As a recent Achievement fiend I wonder what you 4 think about them.

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