Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 1: Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You…


…Or as Bear would say, you get what you pay for.Β  Randomness…total, randomness.

Listen to it here!SDGW Podcast #1!

23 Responses to “Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 1: Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You…”

  1. Ruune Says:

    Dudes, you have an explicit content warning in iTunes – can’t wait to hear what you get up to.

  2. BigBearButt Says:

    Hiya Ruune!

    Um, yeah, our original intent was to do a podcast that you could listen to in your car while taking your kids to work… and that shit collapsed VERY early on.

    My deepest apologies, but we decided we really didn’t want to edit a single thing, no matter how horrible… truly WoW, unscripted.

    Hey Bre… check out the audio player built into the post! Pretty cool, huh? I did some reading on’s site and found that in their audio section. You know how I hated the idea of making people download the whole thing if all they wanted to do was check out 5 minutes and then go discreetly run away.

    Can’t WAIT to see this sucker on iTunes. Gonna lower the tone, knowutImean?

  3. Kayeri Says:

    Kittens! I can’t put this one down… πŸ™‚

    Hm… I play 2 female NE’s at 80… but I certainly ain’t a 12-year-old male… lol I agree with Ratters actually, as my characters are really that… characters, not just toons, with their own personalities, likes, dislikes, etc… Whether a toon lives or not with me depends on if it develops a personality… it MUST, or its simply not real to me. πŸ™‚ Even though I play on a PVE server… πŸ™‚ It just so happens the two best-developed personalites are these two night elves… although my human warlock and blood elf/human paladin are close…

    Moving on… no, I havent studied the physics of cowering and running on female toons… lol Although when I linked a certain bit of gear to Bear the other night wondering if I wanted to wear them considering they were glorified leather panties, he was ALL in favor… lol I did point out that the female reaction to these things is rather different than the male… lol

    Pets… Kayeri has 42 currently, I need to move it up, since I am that close to the skunk! πŸ™‚

    My favorite thing? I like to hang with fun and friendly people and challenge my character’s abilities, too. Lately, I am pretty satisfied that I have proven myself in the raid environment and leaning strongly towards the fun end of the spectrum. πŸ™‚

    Kayeri LOVES fishing! Although sometimes the bobber doesnt twitch, and the sound is what alerts me… my rogue HATES fishing (and I’ll spare you the story of what led to making her do it), but I’ve been making her do it anyway… and WHAT a gripefest from the rogue that is…

    Ratters… that is my attitude as well, this game is one huge explorative story for the character I’m playing at the time. I do write some of them down, but my writing skills are meh unless I’m really inspired by something.

    Interesting point about Vent! Come to think of it, that is where we have most of our fun as well… πŸ™‚

    Trains in raids… ::shudder:: Kayeri does own a train wrecker! if its on cooldown, I go far enough away that I cant hear that sound…

    Have you guys seen Stinker with the Bombay Cat? Try it if you haven’t, it’s Pepe LePew all over again! and yes, it MUST be the Bombay Cat… πŸ™‚

    I cant play gnomes either… I’m 5 foot tall in real life… I LIKE being able to see OVER the tall grass… lol

    I cant handle mages or shaman, apparently… never got one pass 25-30… Yeah, but my husband would say rogues can’t wear armor… can we say plate-prejudice? πŸ™‚ and you’ve given me hope on my 37 priest since apparently it will get better soon… πŸ™‚

    I LOVED The Craft of War: Blind, it was SO awesome… πŸ™‚

    We called that “The Stormwind Strut” After the first time, when my then-60 hunter friend dragged me along to see it, I always tagged along when someone did it because watching the fight in the throne room was fun… and if I was careful, I could skin 1 or 2! lol

    I LOVE the Sylvanas song quest, it is awesome! That song made my daughter cry, it is so sad and beauitful…

    Hey, I enjoyed it, you all are a LOT of fun! πŸ™‚ Well done and Huzzah!

  4. Dabien Says:

    ‘A great podcast. I particularly enjoyed the β€˜What can’t you play’ part, I’ll be following regularly. Thanks to all 4 of you!’

    Copied from BBB. Just wanted to repeat it here to say great show, kept me grinning throughout.

  5. Trijem Says:

    Wait? Genre Terror?

    Nice podcast and I can’t wait to listen to the next one – I make sure to postpone my fishing activities till then πŸ˜‰ (stupid turtle is still out there somewhere).

    I can’t play rogues, still managed to get one to 70 just so he can farm heavy junkboxes for me (yeah if I’m not insane already I will be by the time I got 1400…), I eventually will bring him to 75 so he can open normal northrend-lockboxes. My PvP-twinks are all gnomes (mage/lock/rogue) – I can’t play them in the “real” world aka PvE – we have a t8+-gnome-warrior who is a good tank but I can’t shake off that feeling before each encounter that we all gone die. I got every class past 60 except for warlocks and shamans – warlocks because their pets oviously hate them and I can’t stand it for more than an hour, shamans because of the totems that waste bagspace (don’t know if they changed this by now but I tried to play shamans for 4 times, never got past lvl26 or so).

    People pick nelf females because nelf males look stupid. I abandoned my first char (nelf male hunter) around level 63 (I still have him he is just hiding in the woods farming herbs/leather for me) just to create a dwarf hunter. For that same reason I picked a female nelf druid later – I’m not 12 ^^

  6. Too much, for too long, with too little. « Dechion’s Place Says:

    […] really I am. I still say you really should do something more entertaining though, like listening to Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, wherin several far more entertaining folks than I chat about […]

  7. Steve Says:

    Awesome! Things got off to a shaky start, but you guys soon got into full swing and I was really enjoying listening to you. The hour just flew by.

    I’ll be following this from now on!

  8. Ritchie Says:

    Well, I finally heard Galertruby live, and it made my day.Thanks guys and gals, keep it up!

  9. Bre Says:

    LOL…yeah…we go off a bit…maybe a little too much. But hey it is entertaining!

    Thank God. I couldn’t deal with the audio crap last night. It looks great! While we are not searchable yet on Itunes, the feed does allow you to download it via iTunes. Which is pretty damn fast! I am very excited. Now I get to hear the madness on my iPhone.

    Glad you enjoyed it! I had heard about Stinker and the black cat, but sadly I have never seen it in action. Maybe be worth starting to farm for pets just to see it!

  10. Minos Says:

    I do the fish-by-sound thing so that I can multitask while fishing, too. Only problem is it drives me crazy when someone comes along and starts fishing next to me. I’ll probably never get all those fountain coins.

    Oh, and your sandwich gag is far less offensive than a similar one I heard recently. Someone rolled a toon named “Gaydar” and ran straight to the bank to do random /point at people.

  11. Dechion Says:

    That was a hoot to listen to, well done =)

  12. Maerdred Says:

    Woo! new Favorite Podcast!

  13. spinks Says:

    That was fun, nice hearing you all!

  14. Navir Says:

    That was pretty funny, can’t wait to hear more

  15. Morphy of Zuljin Says:

    This is not wow-related but I was curious of your thoughts of the new Star Wars MMORPG scheduled to come out. The trailer looks amazing.

  16. Faydre Says:

    Great Guys, Loved it

  17. Faydre Says:

  18. Timothy Says:

    Hey man, I’m downloading the podcast right now. Can’t wait to listen to it. I love you a Lady J. So I should be set with this cast. I usually make sure to grab the podcasts when u folks are on. Can’t wait…

  19. Navir Says:

    the least they could do with that blood elf dance video is put it to the song from napoleon dynamite.

  20. Mack Says:

    Ahahaha! Love it! Keep them coming y’all.

  21. Ruune Says:

    Finally got this downloaded and listened to it on the way home when over tired and stuck in traffic. You guys kept me awake from making me laugh and it was just a little bit extra guild life from one that needs to time shift.

    Though I heard that you were supposed to have some person called Ratshag on… it seemed like it was just bears and chicks for most of it….

    (Ratters consider yourself called out for a big second episode)

  22. Kaitus Says:

    That was a whole hour of fishing for the giant rat without losing a couple brain cells from boredom! That’s like, a never been done feat for me!

  23. Cozy Says:

    The husband and I listened to your podcast last night, and we enjoyed it. He thinks I should tell you about two guild events we ran that tie in with your comments on the Marshall Windsor escort, both run more than three years ago, before the Burning Crusade.

    He used to run a RP guild on an RP server of a unit of military scouts and skirmishers funded by Ironforge. After one of our early guild meetings, we had 10-20 of us all in matching uniforms and guild tabard walk from our IC HQ in the Valley of Kings to the flight point, fly to Ironforge, walk up to King Magni and kneel whilst the Warmaster did a nice speech introducing us and swearing fealty. We then walked round and got the tram to Stormwind to introduce the Unit to Highlord Bolvar before walking through Stormwind down to Goldshire and then breaking up.

    We got a fair few people who saw the procession and followed and wanted to join – my first experience with that effect at that time. And with the idiot who reported us to a GM for not offering him an instant invitation to join when he asked, too.

    Second event that might amuse you was a little later, and was advertised in advance round all our friends and on the realm forums. It was called “The King’s Messenger” and was based on the RP premise that King Magni had lost a messenger, and had asked our Unit (since he “paid” us – oh, and I use Unit and not guild because that was what we were, IC, and to refer to the Unit as anything else IC was to incur the Warmaster’s wrath and be demoted to Coal Counter, and after three years, it’s ingrained too deeply now πŸ˜‰ to escort the replacement around Eastern Kingdoms to familiarise him with all the flight points. So far, so vanilla.

    The new messenger was a level 1 gnome mage. The rules of the event were basically, no summons and no corpse-runs for the messenger – he has to run it alive. We were still fairly new to WoW, and if we tried it again, we’d certainly do some parts of it differently, but it is a day I remember.

    We gathered at around 10am, I think, on a Saturday in Dun Morogh, greeted the selection of friends and other folks who’d turned up, formed up a raid for convenience, and off we went. Due to RL, the friend designated to play the messenger had had to drop out at the last minute, so I got the job – it was that or run the event, so I’ll be a male gnome if I have to rather than that! Ironforge was easy, so was Thelsamar, but Wetlands was where it started getting interesting and ties in with your story.

    “Share quest!” “Invite!” *giggles* Your average player suddenly saw this bounding cavalcade charging towards them, and wanted in, or to know what was going on, as you do. Up through Arathi and on to Southshore, and I think we had 40+ people at some points. But it was just folks’ reactions of “What the heck?” since they really didn’t have any idea what was happening. We did pick up some folks in Ironforge as well.

    The impression given by most attendees was that a great event to participate in – just a little long. And to be fair, that was one of the things we would change if we ever did it again. Since if anyone’s interested, running _all_ of Eastern Kingdoms on foot starting as a level 1 gnome, and being spot-resurrected only, can take about seven hours in one go and leaves you with a bit of a numb behind. And gets you to about level 4 from just exploring XP.

    Sadly, I don’t think it’s something that would work now, given the age of the game, but the comments we got as we invited the random folks who asked as we passed were priceless, and most of them stayed a zone or two. It was certainly an experience!

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