Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 5: Dragging ’em down to our level

November 24, 2009 by

Welcome to another episode of Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, the podcast that sets new standards for unprofessional behavior on the air and erratic production schedules.

Listen to the new one here! SDGW Podcast #5: Dragging ’em down to our level

Production… hah! Production implies organization. Um, nope, not us. Nope.

Bre and the Triple B welcome fellow Sidhe Devils and blogger Dechion of Dechion’s Place to the podcast crew… along with special guest Mandi, the winner of the Raid for the Cure Raffle prize!

Along the way, we discover Mandi’s game-related nickname, talk about guild dynamics in raiding and social environments, meander about with our customary randomness, and oh yeah, we find out even more about Bre that does, indeed, come under the heading of TMI.

So kick back, equip your fishing rod, /cast into a pool and level your fishing to another fine audio mess.

We hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed making it!


Just a heads up

October 20, 2009 by

We ain’t dead, it’s just that we have had some crazy times having the stars align for a new show.

We’re shooting for getting together tonight, and I hope it’ll be as fun as always!

Sorry for the enduring silence outta here, folks.

Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 4: Way off the rails

September 9, 2009 by

This one is pretty rough, folks. Jess, Bre and Bear chat and discuss questions while three personning Drak Keep and Gundrak.

Listen to the new one here! SDGW Podcast #4: Way off the rails.

As an fyi, for those folks that listen to this and are amazed at our utter lack of professionalism in doing a podcast, or being clear and concise on the air, or of sticking to a topic… please keep in mind, we’re three (sometimes four) goofballs united by a common love for having fun, chatting about anything and everything, and who thought it would amuse us to record our idiocy live. We are recording our idiocy live. This is it. That’s all there is.

It isn’t going to get any better than this, folks.

Umm, new podcast postponed a week!

September 4, 2009 by

Yeah, like… we didn’t actually DO the podcast on Wednesday, so there ain’t one to publish.

See, there’s a funny story here. WE were all online to do the podcast, and we’re chatting on Skype and everything… but Jess had just bought a new graphics card minutes before and wanted to install it (and was nervous about cracking the case), and Ratters had a phone interview scheduled for as soon as we finished the podcast, and I had gone right to the wire installing a new router, and was still repairing issues with the print server when we began.

Bre, of course, was flawless.

Anyway, we all did start talking, and were going for a few minutes, and then Cassie had to call me to fix a DVD player issue for Alex, and next thing you know, it just made more sense to stop the chaos. So we’ll do one next week instead. And maybe… MAYBE next time I’ll remember that these things work better when all the stars align and we’re all excited and pumped to chat, and not distracted by thinking about what we should be doing instead, lol.

New podcast coming tonight!

September 2, 2009 by

We’re going to be doing a new podcast tonight, and wanted to warn you that if you’ve got a question you want answered on this podcast, you’ve got a deadline.

Let us know your question before 6 PM Central time in the states, okay?

Have fun!

Ask your questions for Episode 4!

August 21, 2009 by

Well, the question post worked very well for Episode 3, so let’s keep that trend alive!

Also, if you feel your question didn’t get answered the last time, don’t hesitate to ask it again… all I’m doing is calling up this page of comments when it’s podcast time. Very high tech, I know.

And the other podcasters can’t bitch about it, they have the ability to read these in advance and be prepared same as I do. 🙂

Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 3 repost

August 20, 2009 by

We answer listener questions, wander aimlessly, and gab about Cataclysm!

I apologise for the repost, I’m attempting to troubleshoot why this didn’t go out to iTunes. Please excuse my complete ignorance.

Listen to the new one here again! SDGW Podcast #3: Questions Arise!

Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 3: Questions Arise!

August 18, 2009 by

We answer listener questions, wander aimlessly, and gab about Cataclysm!

Listen to the new one here! SDGW Podcast #3: Questions Arise!

Sidhe Devils Gone Wild Ep. 2: Patch 3.2 First Night Impressions

August 4, 2009 by

Patch 3.2 goes live impressions, and other assorted craziness. Plus, Jessrage!

Listen to the new one here! SDGW Podcast #2: Patch 3.2 Impressions

SDGW Podcast FAQ

August 3, 2009 by

Okay, Episode 1 is in the can and has gotten some positive feedback… as in, nobody has just come right out and told us we had to stop.

So, we’re going to continue doing them. That being the case, here are a few things you might like to know about the podcast.

1) The podcast will be done on a bi-weekly basis, but we reserve the right to do special shows whenever we are in a particularly goofy mood and all four of us are online.

2) We want more Ratshag, just like you do. Ratters is a naturally reticent individual, a person of refinement and sensitivity. We’re going to ‘encourage’ him to share with us more, by having an ‘Ask the Ratter’ segment.

3) Segment? Are you guys really that organized? No, no we’re not. These shows are live, unedited, totally unedited, what we hear is what you get. I will admit to having written a closing remarks paragraph so I don’t screw up the website address when I read it off live. But no, we’re not going to have regular segments that are recorded seperately. We ARE going to have questions to ask, that are posed by you. For the next podcast, I know that Bre has some RP stuff to ask Ratters about his characters, and to be honest, I want the answers also.

4) Will you have guests? Yes and no. The idea of the podcast is not only to just have fun and be ourselves, but also to have the same voices every time, people that you can come to know and recognise by voice if you’re crazy enough to come back for more. What we do plan on doing is, when someone wants to take a show off, is to invite other guildies of the Sidhe Devils to come on the show and chat with us. It IS the Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, after all.

5) Will you do the show live with people listening in, and a live chat room? I have no idea right now. I think that we would all be totally fine with doing that, but before we even think about it we want to nail down the process of doing a show, getting the sound levels even and the lag down. Once we can reliably get a show done, we will actively look into live shows. So you know, at this time we will be doing shows on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 PM Central time, planning on 1 hour shows, with some wiggle room for craziness. So if we do go live, you can expect that to be the time they’d be on.

If you have more questions about the show itself and our plans, by all means ask them here!